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This guide to appellate procedure was first prepared by the Appellate Lawyers Association in 1989 to help civil litigants who were handling their own appeals. Such litigants are commonly called pro se litigants; pro se literally means “for oneself.” The guide was titled “A Guide to Illinois Civil Appellate Procedure for the Pro Se Litigant.” Because the Appellate Lawyers Association believed the guide was also useful to lawyers engaged in appellate practice, the title was changed in 1999 eliminating the reference to the pro se litigant. Nevertheless, many of the references to the pro se litigant intentionally remain in the text and in the forms.

Click to download the latest guide >> Civil_Appeals_Guide_Revised_2019_01_10.pdf

DISCLAIMER: The Appellate Lawyers Association does not provide legal services or legal advice. Discussions of legal principles and authority, including, but not limited to, constitutional provisions, statutes, legislative enactments, court rules, case law, and common-law doctrines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

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