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Chicago Bar Association Seeking Appellate Attorneys For Juvenile Child Protection Cases

February 17, 2021 6:03 PM | Carson Griffis (Administrator)

The Chicago Bar Association In-Court Attorney Program is seeking qualified attorneys to be appointed to represent clients on appeal in Juvenile Child Protection cases.  Interested attorneys should complete an application that will be reviewed by The Chicago Bar Association In Court Committee.   Applicants will generally be required to have 5 years of legal practice experience with some experience in Juvenile Child Protection cases and some appellate experience.  This program offers an opportunity to get additional appellate experience, receive some monetary compensation, and help both parents and juveniles exercise their rights.

Attorneys will represent both parents and minors in juvenile court appeals where the Public Defender’s office, which generally represents parents, or the Office of the Public Guardian, which generally represents minors, has a conflict. Most of the cases arise from Circuit Court orders terminating parental rights, but some arise from other orders, such as findings that minors should be made wards of the court or closing cases to guardianship. Appointed attorneys will be compensated in accordance with Illinois Supreme Court Rule 299. The costs of the appeal in these cases are waived, and transcripts and records are provided without charge.


  1. Member in good standing of the Illinois Bar.
  2. Completion of an accurate application for admission to the program.
  3. Acceptance by the Screening Panel.
  4. Agreement in writing to comply with the Regulations and Rules of the Program, the Code of Professional Conduct of the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Rules of the Circuit Court.
  5. Malpractice insurance (a copy of the Declarations Page must be attached to the application).
  6. Completion of right to privacy waiver.
  7. Acceptance by the Screening Panel of the application is subject to the approval of the Presiding Judge of the Child Protection Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County.
  8. If approved, attorneys will be required to complete a three-hour program entitled, "Effective Appellate Advocacy in Termination of Parental Rights Cases," which will be made available to them.
  9. There is no charge for application or admission to the referral program nor is there a requirement that applicants be a member of any bar association.

To receive an application, or for additional information, please contact:

 Juli Vyverberg, Chicago Bar Association
 321 S. Plymouth Court
 Chicago, IL 60604
 (312) 554-2062

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