ALA Kicks Off Bar Year with Luncheon Featuring Appellate Court Clerks

September 30, 2016 12:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Charlie Ingrassia
Associate, Adler Murphy & McQuillen LLP

On September 12, 2016, the ALA began a new bar year by sponsoring a luncheon at the Union League Club in Chicago featuring the Clerks of each of the five Illinois Appellate Court districts. ALA President Joanne R. Driscoll opened the program by welcoming ALA members and guests, which included many justices from the Illinois Appellate Court as well as new Illinois Solicitor General David L. Franklin.

Thereafter, President Driscoll introduced the Clerks—Steven M. Ravid of the First District; Robert J. Mangan of the Second District; Barbara Trumbo of the Third District; Carla Bender of the Fourth District; and John J. Flood of the Fifth District. The speakers provided an update on the Appellate Court’s transition to e-filing and also provided district-specific practice pointers.

Regarding e-filing, the Clerks noted that the system, while moving slowly, is gradually being implemented as all circuit courts in the Second District use e-filing, along with two circuit courts in the Third District, three in the Fourth District, and one in the Fifth District. Despite feeling a “bit rushed,” the Clerks assured the audience that their respective offices are working with Tyler Technologies, Inc., to implement a state-wide e-filing system as seamlessly as possible.

The Clerks proceeded to provide practice pointers for the audience. For example, Clerk Ravid noted that, if a party files a motion seeking an extension within the First District, the party should specify the date to which the extension is sought. In addition, if an appeal involves multiple appellees, the parties should advise the Clerk whether more than one appellee brief will be filed so as to reduce delay.

For the Second District, Clerk Mangan advised against mailing emergency motions. And, if a party desires an oral argument, it may file a motion under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 352 (eff. Feb. 6, 2013), while Clerk Bender noted that oral argument is usually given when requested in the Fourth District. Clerk Trumbo helpfully advised litigants in the Third District to avoid using plastic covers on briefs, as her office removes them. Finally, Clerk Flood reminded litigants that, if a party has a conflict with a scheduled oral argument, it should advise his office as soon as possible, as rescheduling an argument that has already been set can be administratively challenging.

The ALA thanks the Clerks for their engaging and informative presentation. 

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