Remembering Charlie Ingrassia

February 18, 2019 9:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
By: Austin Bartlett

       BartlettChen LLC

Charlie was a special person. I first met him several years ago through a mutual friend, Stacey Mandell. Both clerked for Justice Hutchinson and thought the world of her. From the first time I met Charlie, I was struck by his enthusiasm and love for the law. He was also a lot of fun.

After a few years, I persuaded Charlie to join my prior law firm. I had the privilege of working alongside him every day. Charlie was an impressive lawyer. He was a gifted writer and excellent strategist. We worked together on several appeals and dispositive motions, and I believe I learned more from him than he from me. Charlie also had a tremendous capacity for hard work. Even while battling cancer and the inevitable fatigue that it and chemotherapy brings, Charlie beat it back to do the work he set out to do. But most of all, Charlie was just a joy to be around. His goodness, kindness, and exuberance were palpable. I always felt buoyed after spending time with him.

I left my old law firm about a year ago to start my own, but Charlie and I remained in touch. Around this same time, his condition worsened. We spoke frequently about our day, his health, the law, and both of our hopes for the future. No matter what tribulation Charlie was going through health wise, he always seemed more concerned with how I was doing. Although he had every right in the world to be self-absorbed, he looked outward to see how he could help others.

Charlie was my friend. I’ll always be grateful for his friendship. Both personally and professionally, he made me better and set a standard that I aspire to. I’ll miss him dearly.

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