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Job Vacancy - Law Clerk First District Appellate Court

January 02, 2024 10:47 AM | Walker Mondt (Administrator)

December 26, 2023


Chambers of the Honorable Freddrenna M. Lyle

First District Appellate Court

Chicago, IL

Justice Freddrenna M. Lyle, of the First District Illinois Appellate Court, is seeking a full-time judicial secretary/law clerk for her chambers in Chicago, Illinois. The judicial secretary/law clerk conducts legal research and assists in drafting memoranda, opinions, and orders. This position also requires performing various administrative duties.


·         Assist in drafting opinions, orders, and memoranda.

·         Edit and cite check final draft orders, opinions, dissents and/or special concurrences.

·         Advise the Justice on research of court rules and points of law on pending appeals.

·         Research the law regarding issues identified by the parties or the court.

·         Study current legal publications, recent opinions of the Illinois Supreme and Appellate Courts, and other relevant state and federal cases; interpret new statutes according to legislative intent and review recent legislation.

·         The position also requires secretarial duties, including but not limited to, corresponding with the Springfield courthouse and other chambers, tracking the status of motions and cases, paying bills, maintaining case files, and keeping the library up to date. The successful applicant must have the ability to comport oneself in a manner which is cognizant of the Court’s ethical responsibilities.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.


  • 1.  Working knowledge of, and ability to apply, federal and state laws and court decisions to pending legal cases.
  • 2.  Working knowledge of, and ability to apply, court procedures and rules of evidence.
  • 3.  Skill in analyzing legal issues and writing persuasively.
  • 4.  Skill in applying legal principles and specialized knowledge to individual cases and problems.
  • 5.  Ability to communicate effectively.
  • 6.  Ability to apprise the Justice of new statutes and recent legislation changes.


Applicants must have a JD from an accredited law school. It is also preferred that the applicant be licensed or registered for a state bar exam.  Law Review/journal experience is preferred. Applicant should possess excellent research, case analysis, and writing skills.  Experience as a law clerk in a reviewing court is strongly preferred. Excellent computer and technology skills required.


This position requires the ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time. This is a professional office working environment requiring telephone usage and the ability to process and read large volumes of written documents in electronic formats.


Applicant must possess the ability to travel throughout the state, including overnight stays as required for educational conferences. Applicant may be required to submit additional materials for the position.

Interested individuals should send a resume and short professional writing sample (5 page maximum) by email to

This position will remain open until filled. However, those individuals submitting materials by Tuesday, January 9, 2024, will be given first consideration.


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